Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goodbye, Ciao, Hasta Pronto?

I am currently sitting in the Quito airport. My flight leaves at 6:10 and I left the house at 3:45. My travel through the airport was amazingly quick and now I have time to sit here and think about how much I'm going to miss my kids, Colegio Americano and my Ecuadorian family! (Ps I highly recommend the pre-check in online. The line was 4 times longer if you didn't check in beforehand.) My baggage ended up weighing 53 lbs. I had to stuff things in my carry on but I got to keep everything I brought to the airport! :)

I am going to miss so many things about Ecuador. I am going to miss all of the great food and people. I am going to miss my host mom, Vero and her help with my Spanish. I will miss Maggie, Meghan, Kyle, Peter, Tere and all of the teachers that helped me along the way! Colegio Americano is such a beautiful school and I was blessed to work there. I will miss being spoiled and taking taxis everywhere. I don't think I remember how to drive now ;) I will miss all of the amazing shopping and Maggie and my's second home (La Mariscal).

Yo quiero decir muchas gracias a Tere y mis estudiantes. Yo estaba preocupada cuando me daba cuenta que iba a enseñar a 4to y 5to grado. Esto es un grado muy diferente que Kinder! Pero del primer momento en la escuela yo estaba cómoda. Esto es debido a mis estudiantes y Tere. Gracias que ustedes me ayudaban mucho. Ojala que aprendieron ustedes y yo se que yo aprendí muchísimo!

Both of my amazing 5th grade classes during my surprise goodbye party.

Making their own pizzas during our party. We have amazing parents!

Mary, Me, Tere, Lauren, David. 5th grade teachers and amazing people. Mary open your eyes!!!

Some great kids!

My 5th graders giving me the book they made me.

Hasta luego Ecuador.
Les extrañaré todos!
Con amor, Katy

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