Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheering for the bulls...

Sooooooo...... we went to the bull fights. We are officially celebrating Fiesta de Quito right now. It is a celebration of the founding of Quito. They celebrate with parties and dancing and parades and bull fights. Turns out I do not like bull fights. The arena was beautiful and so were the horses and the costumes. However, when they started stabbing the bull, I was done! We watched 3 bulls and then left at the middle with 4 more bulls to go. It was upsetting and we kept discussing how this would NOT fly in the states. PETA anyone?

Video of the Bull fight when the bull attacked the horse!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Viaje a Baños

Omgoodness! So much to share about Baños. Maggie and I got up early in the morning on Friday Nov 25th and took a 45 min taxi ride to south Quito. There we met up with the rest of the group and we took a 3 hour bus to Baños. We had a hostel reserved called Plantas y Blanco. It was a fantastic hostel! We had private rooms and it cost us 11.50 per night per person!

We did not want to waste anytime. We went down the road and found a place that had dune buggies. We rented two buggies and Kyle road a motorcycle. We drove for about an hour and a half through the mountains. We stopped along the way and saw several waterfalls. It was amazing! Afterward we went to the Swiss Bistro. The food was amazing and cheap just like most of Ecuador. Maggie and I split a meat fondue and it cost each of us 12 dollars. Then we went to a bar that played American music. We asked for hip hop and they gave us Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez! We went home and went right to sleep after all of that fun!

On Saturday we went white water rafting. We learned all of the commands, we learned how to fall out of the raft and how to rescue. It was awesome! We were on an Amazonian tributary and they told us if we wanted to go to Brazil we could get out of the boat and float there. We spent an hour and a half on the river and then we went and had lunch in a tiny town. It was a class 3 rapid... now I need to find a class 4!

When we got back from white water rafting we went to see the Waterfall that was near our hotel. Then we went shopping for a bit. After shopping we ate dinner at Casa Hood. The owner was from Michigan which was very cool! That night we rode a Chiva (a big open sided bus with flashing lights and loud music) we went to the top of Tungurahua volcano. We couldn't really see anything because it was cloudy. It was very boring. However, 4 hours after we left on Sunday it erupted and everyone was evacuated!

The city of Baños from the top of the mountain.

On Sunday morning we got up and ate breakfast on the rooftop of our hostel. I ate pancakes with peanut butter and cheese. It cost me less than 2 dollars! Before we went to breakfast we went to the Baños termales (hot springs). We sat in what looked like dirty water but was actually mineral water straight from the earth. You could also shower in water straight from the waterfall... it was freezing and
amazing! We went shopping a little more and then checked out of our hostel. We took a bus to Ambato and then had to take a taxi and another bus to Quisapincha. In Quisapincha there are tons of leather shops. There were soooo many beautiful cheap things. I really wanted a real leather jacket but my arms were too long and nothing fit! Maggie bought a beautiful 100 percent leather hand made jacket for 60 dollars! We took a bus and taxi back to Ambato and then took another bus back to Quito. We arrived at 8:10. After taking a horrible taxi back to Quito we arrived at 9:30 at home. I was sooooooo tired!

Overall the trip was amazing and I would love to do it again. I wouldn't change anything! (except maybe the last taxi driver).

Vero has decorated the house for Christmas but it just doesn't feel like it could be close! It is hot in the sun. That is not possible during Christmas time!

Le extraño todo!


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— Andy Hayes, Travel Writer