Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheering for the bulls...

Sooooooo...... we went to the bull fights. We are officially celebrating Fiesta de Quito right now. It is a celebration of the founding of Quito. They celebrate with parties and dancing and parades and bull fights. Turns out I do not like bull fights. The arena was beautiful and so were the horses and the costumes. However, when they started stabbing the bull, I was done! We watched 3 bulls and then left at the middle with 4 more bulls to go. It was upsetting and we kept discussing how this would NOT fly in the states. PETA anyone?

Video of the Bull fight when the bull attacked the horse!

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  1. Ah yes, I remember my first bull fight. It was my Quinceañero and we were right next to the ring. My father said to me "Mi'jo, it's time to put childish things aside and become a man." He threw me into the ring right as they released the bull. In the confusion, the matador was taken out by the enraged bull. While the bull was busy with the matador, I took the opportunity to jump on its back. I landed on the bull's back and it became clear to me what I had to do. Sensing a new victim, the bull tried to buck me off with all its might. Knowing that this was the only way to save the matador, I held on as tightly as I could. The bull twisted and turned, but no matter what it did, I stayed on. After several failed attempts to buck me off, the bull was broken. I hopped off its back and looked it straight in the eyes; the bull knew it had been beaten and turned and left. I quickly ran over to the matador, it was a mess. There was an open wound and it didn't look like he had much time. The ambulance was too far away. I scanned the vicinity for something I could use. There was some string a pin in the matador costume. I quickly fashioned the items together and stitched the man's wound shut. The paramedics showed up shortly after and once the man had been loaded into the ambulance, everyone in the crowd stood up and gave me a round of applause; some women were even to the point of tears. And that was my first bull fight, but that was a long time ago...