Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mindo and my birthday!

Wow I'm getting lazy already!

On November 1st we went to Mindo, Ecuador. After a lot of taxi trouble had by the group we made it onto a bus and arrived at the Dragon Fly Inn 2 hours later. The greyhound bus was mostly empty so to make up for it they stopped all throughout the country and picked up random people and let them off later along the line.

When we got to the tiny town of Mindo we went to do zip lines. We did 10 zip lines in the canopy of the cloud forest. It was crazy amazing! We had a nice dinner and enjoyed the quiet of the town.

Video of me zip-lining in the canopy of the Cloud forest.
Please ignore my terrible face in the middle of the video!

The next day was full! We got up and hiked the forest for 3 hours and saw several gorgeous waterfalls! We got home in time to change and go to El Quetzal. These american people came to Ecuador and decided to stay and make chocolate! We toured how they make chocolate and i bought chocolate bbq sauce. Should be interesting. Finally we went to Mindo Lago restaurant for a frog concert. First we had dinner. I had Lomo a la piedra, steak on a hot stone. it was cheap and the best steak i have ever had! The frog concert consisted of us going into the dark forest with a guide and observing frogs, scorpions and supposedly snakes. No snakes were found in the dark thankfully!

On Nov 3rd we got up and saw the Mariposario, the butterfly farm. We learned about the life cycle of butterflies and got to feed them and just hang out. We wandered the town until our bus left and headed for home.

November 4th we went to the mall and did some good old fashioned shopping at El jardin. Later we made a chocolate cake for my birthday and had some wine. We took a taxi out and went to La Mariscal to the bars. It was alot of fun. After all of that fun I took the day off today and just relaxed!

I start school on Monday and i am really excited! Fourth and fifth grade is a little out of my norm so I'm a bit nervous too!

with love,

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

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