Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teleférico de Quito

On Saturday November 12 we went to Teleférico de Quito. This is a giant cart on a cable that takes you up the side of the mountain. You can see the changes in vegetation as you go up. Unfortunately it was a little cloudy. We saw beautiful sights half way up the mountain and then all of the sudden we were in the clouds. When we reached the top it was very hard to breathe! They even offer oxygen when you get to the top because many people can't handle the altitude.

On Sunday we went to dinner with the family. I met Vero's father and we ate until we were going to explode. (A good preview for Thanksgiving)As you can see many people fell asleep... It's a lot like the United States

Gigi, Vero y Abby

The roof of Carol's building (Vero's daughter) shows all of Quito and you can see the mountains of Cayambe and Cumbayá.

Con amor,

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